Saturday, January 3, 2009

Has West Chester Area Blogger Finally Gone Too Far?

Wow! Did you see this:

Well, I had not until I received a call from the good people at the CHDAA (Congenital Hand Deformity Association of America). They filled me in. It seems Dr. "Mengele" Zibbs over at "That Blue Yak" has begun some type of eugenics campaign to "cleanse" the world of people like my beautiful sister Tinko pictured below:

Despite the fact that Tinko's hands are not the same size, her hands are beautiful and she is beautiful. If this Zibbs character is suggesting otherwise, then Boy Howdy, he's got another thing coming! If you love people that are different, then I think it's time you told him so at "That Blue Yak". Fight the hate, people, fight the hate.

And fuck Big Bird, too!


Dr Zibbs said...

I've just taken up knitting. I'll pay your sister $1 per hour to hold my yarn.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

HAHAHA! Watch out! That Zibbs guy is a blogging legend!!

floyd barber said...

C'mon, are'nt you really Dr.Zibb's Evil Twin?

jadedj said...

I think Floyd has more than hair up his nostrils. I too smell a rodent here. The giveaway is...are you ready...the giveaway is, the profile photos. Beyond twins...identical!